shopmytown’s Mission Control

Our mission is to help communities thrive for businesses, consumers and charitable organizations. Giving back to the community is important to
shopmytown and so for every purchase made, shopmytown will donate to our local charity partners. Thank you for supporting local, together.


Transition to Betterness

Over the past 23 years, Transition to Betterness (T2B) has had the opportunity to grow in Windsor-Essex County with over 20 on-going programs that support patients and families in our local hospitals and health care facilities. Transition to Betterness (T2B) is a grassroots charitable organization dedicated to providing comfort to patients and their families impacted by a life-altering illness. Our organization is able to provide the much needed bridge between hospital and home daily. Our unique programs are direct needs of the community and have been piloted and supported by T2B. With the help of the organization’s 200+ volunteers, we are able to provide these essential services to our community. 


Family Respite Services

Family Respite Services work in partnership with families who have children with disabilities. We coordinate support and provide short breaks that strengthen families and contribute to children having meaningful lives in their community. Many families who have children with disabilities require support because of the extra demands they face as parents. Respite care is a time when someone else cares for the child to give the family a short break. Family Respite Services provides this service by assisting families to recruit a trained caregiver. This short break can also be a time for the child with a disability to participate in community activities and make new friends.


In Honour of the Ones We Love

Grassroots charitable organization dedicated to helping patients suffering from cancer, other life-threatening illnesses and special needs.

Why shopmytown is important

Built for local communities

We built shopmytown to connect great local vendors with amazing customers who like to shop locally. Keep those dollars where they matter most, here in our communities.

Awesome products in one place

From amazing to eclectic to delicious. Shop local vendors you know and love, and find great new favourites, all in one cart! Shopping local never felt this easy.

Giving back to communities

Let’s keep our communities thriving. A portion of every order goes to your local charity of choice, creating healthy communities, one order at a time.