Store: MR Meat Markets

On TAPA the World


This bundle will put you on Tapas the world… Everything you need for a delightful charcuterie spread! 

Marco’s Own Famous Cured Sausages by M.R. Meat Market are made from fresh Ontario-based products. Our Cured Sausages are low fat, low sodium and 100% gluten-free!

This Butcher's Bundle Contains:
- 2pc Each of Marco’s Own Famous Chorizo, Hunter Garlic and Csabai Cured Sausage
- 10pc of Marco’s Own Famous Mild Pepperoni Sticks
- 2 x 1lb Rudy’s Kielbasa
- 2 x 1lb of Mixed Cocktail Olives (Pimento, Garlic, Almond)
- 1 x 12pc Variety Pack Babybel Cheese
- 200gr Piece of Coastal Cheddar
- 300gr Bag of Treccine (Italian Breadstick)

This bundle has an average weight of 12 pounds excluding packaging.

Item will be shipped in 1-2 business days