Smellizzzzz Pillow Mist  NOT Tonite, Hon

This aroma is for pure bed rest  after a full day of hanging out

This pillow mist smells instantly relaxing and soothing. Plus, the glass bottle makes it look fancy on your bedside table.

Ingredients: Blend of 100% Essential Oils 30 ml

Peppermint: (piperita) focusing, cooling, cleansing and refreshing

Lavender:(Lavandula angustifolia): Calming, soothing, relaxing, Lavender has anti-bacterial properties so it doesn't just cover up odors but actually cleans the air. 

Chamomile Roman: (Chamaemelum nobile) sweet, herbaceous essential oil to ease stress, especially as your day winds down. Used to help relieve muscular aches and pains, headaches and insomnia.

Non-alcohol Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Hydrosol 

GermalPlus,: is  a natural preservative to preserve our mist.

This is essential in all water based products

30ml Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottle

Please Re-cycle 

Non-aerosol spray makes it safe for the environment.

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