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Snickers Peanut M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

$30.00 +TAX

ake 24 Giant Cookies in 35 Minutes

20mins Preparing | 15mins Baking

Celebrate with some wonderful chocolate chip cookies that go above and beyond! They won't stop with the addition of some chocolate chips, but you can bet there's more, with a peanut infusion from Snickers and Peanut M&Ms. Delicious!

Make 24 Giant Cookies in 35 Minutes

20mins Preparing | 15mins Baking

*Packages ship within one week of purchase*

*Special Instructions*

Pair Baking With: Beers, A Visit Home

Enjoy Cookies With: Sunday BBQ, A Camping Trip, A Good Movie

What's in the box?

Ingredients: Sugar (Brown, Granulated), Flour Mix (with Sea Salt, Baking Soda), Vanilla Extract, Snickers, Peanut M&Ms, Chocolate Chips

Equipment: Parchment Paper x2

What you need to supply?

Ingredients: 1 Cup Butter, 2 Large Eggs

Equipment: Baking Pans x2, Medium Saucepan, Mixer (or Whisk), Large Mixing Bowl, Rubber Spatula, Tablespoon or Ice Cream Scoop

Allergen Warning: Contains Milk, Eggs, Wheat (Gluten), Peanuts and Soy. May contain traces of other Nuts.

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